Other Baking Ingredients

Renshaw supplies a range of mallows and caramels and high quality ingredients for food manufacturers.

Renshaw caramel is a highly versatile product which can be used for enrobing dipping and topping as well as an in-bake ingredient. There are a number of different formats for differing applications which include luxury, creamy injectable and caramel icing.

Renshaw also supplies a range of bakery ingredients to make things easier and more convenient for the professional baker.

Blendesi which is an albumen based marshmallow used for filling creams and dessert topping. It has a light open texture to finish products and is brilliant white in colour. It will beat up to five times its volume. It is particularly useful for ambient stable deserts and is ideal for mallow tea cakes and is a fabulous topping for lemon meringue.

Covering Paste

Try Renshaw Covering Paste as an alternative to the Ready to Roll Icing. Specifically designed for cake covering, its slightly softer in texture and with a sweet vanilla flavour.

Flower & Modelling Paste

Colourful flower and modelling pastes which set firmer than standard sugarpastes and are perfect for models and flowers from beginner to advanced.

Renshaw Kernel Pastes

In addition to Marzipan, we also offer an apricot kernel paste cake covering which has a more pronounced flavour, but functionally does everything that traditional Marzipan does.

Mac Pastes

A premix suitable for all baked lines, including macaroon biscuits, frangipane, danish pastry filling and congress tarts. Two options available: made with pure almond or with apricot kernels.

Ready To Use Frosting

A range of delicious frostings, made to our own recipes perfect for a variety of applications including spreading, piping filling and topping.

Ginger Crush

Ginger Crush is a crushed selected preserved Chinese stem ginger. For inclusion in gingerbread, ginger biscuits or use as piquancy to enhance any recipe.

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